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What Is Human Design? How to Read & Understand Your Chart

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There are dozens of ways that people can dive into their personalities nowadays, but learning more about what Human Design is and how it works can change the way you see yourself entirely. It can also help you tap into your deepest source of power and drive.

From astrology to Myers-Briggs to Enneagram tests and everything in between, there’s no shortage of ways to dive into who you are and how you show up in the world. But a lesser known approach to self-analyzation lies in Human Design. This New-Age practice was developed and subsequently shared in the 1990’s by Alan Robert Krakower, a former advertising executive and magazine publisher turned holistic practitioner and author who was known under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu. Human Design was created by combining properties of astrology, Vedic philosophy, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, Kabbalah and the I Ching. 

The official Human Design website is Jovian Archive (which has been operated by Krakower’s family since his death in 2011) houses a calculator to create your “bodygraph” or unique chart. To obtain your chart, you will input your exact place, time and date of birth, just like a natal chart for astrology. Your bodygraph chart is meant to help you align to the type of life that best aligns with your energy centers and true nature. It is meant to help you cut out any habits, goals, and lifestyle approaches that are wasting your energy and instead encourages you to move into a life path that capitalizes on your innate talents and gifts. The uniqueness of each chart is made up of 

Have your chart but not sure how to read it? Let’s dive into what the details of your chart mean below!

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What Are the Human Design “Strategy Types”?

  • Strategy: To respond
  • Signature: Satisfaction
  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration

Generators make up about 35% of the population and this is the most common strategy type, tied with Manifesting Generators. They are dubbed the “Magnetic Creators” of the world, and others are drawn to their warm and open energy. In order to be a Generator, you must have a defined sacral center in your chart, and others may see you as an endless bout of energy which can be taken advantage of if you are not capable of setting strong boundaries. It is important for this type to be able to say “no” when something is not a full and exciting “yes”. Their “not-self” theme is frustration, meaning that if they are out of alignment, it will show up as a combination of anger and resistance that usually presents itself after enough time of them not using their strategy of waiting to respond or making decisions from a mental place.

  • Strategy: To respond, then inform
  • Signature: Satisfaction
  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration/Anger

Also making up 35% of the population, the counterpart to Generators is the Manifesting Generator. This strategy type is also known as the “multi passionate genius”, meaning that they are not meant to tie up all of their creative energy in one thing, they are meant to be a jack of all trades. They also have a defined sacral center, meaning that they do well to wait to respond, but they can also inform or share their insight with others. They do not do well when they deplete all of their energy responding to the endless river of things that flow their way. Instead, they do best when they start to become selective with who and what they are responding to, and who they choose to inform afterward – especially because this strategy craves freedom, and that includes freedom with their time and energy. 

  • Strategy: To wait for the invitation
  • Signature: Success
  • Not-Self Theme: Bitterness

Projectors enjoy going with the flow of life, but they are best suited for leadership roles in life. They are dubbed “the guiding force” amongst the strategies and with only 18% of the population falling under this strategy type, you will find that Generators and Manifesting Generators are naturally drawn to them so they will have something (or someone) to respond to. Projectors, however, will have the choice to accept or deny their invitation then after. Projectors do not have a defined sacral center, so their access to energy is finite, unlike Gen/Manigens. When they are not waiting for the invitation, their not-self theme will lead them into feelings of bitterness. Not to be misunderstood, “waiting for the invitation” is typically one-and-done for their relationships, jobs, and opportunities – once they are in them, they don’t need to wait for additional invitations to self-express.  

  • Strategy: To wait for a lunar cycle
  • Signature: Surprise
  • Not-Self Theme: Disappointment

Also known as the “mystical mirrors” of the world, Reflectors only make up 1% of the population as they have no defined channels or circuits, making them completely open to other people’s energy of all kinds. Their strategy is to wait a lunar cycle (about 28.5 days) to make any big life-changing decisions and observe how they are feeling and changing through that period of time before doing anything they may regret, or leads them to their not-self theme of disappointment. They get the exciting chance to sample energy from anyone and anything around them rather than feeling defined or swept up in something unchangeable, like the other strategy types may feel with their defined centers and channels. Their environment is extremely important and it’s best to be in a place or surrounded by people who are similar to the life that they desire for themselves.

  • Strategy: To inform
  • Signature: Peace
  • Not-Self Theme: Anger

Also known as the “bold visionaries” of the bunch, Manifestors have a defined solar plexus connected to their throat. These folks are only about 8% of the population and their whole purpose in this lifetime is to initiate the big changes and blessings that the rest of the world gets to witness and benefit from. It’s important for them to inform others of the actions that they will be taking in order to get others on board, or else they will fall into their not-self theme of anger. Because of how powerful they are, others will feel drawn to controlling them. They do what they want, and that inspires others, but they need to be able to set strong boundaries around the endless amount of moths that will be drawn to their vibrant flame.

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What Are the Human Design “Authority Types”?

This authority lives in the solar plexus and it is stronger than any other center. Regardless of whatever else is defined in the chart, if the solar plexus is defined, you will default to an emotional authority. About 50% of people have this authority, it is by far the most common authority to have, leaving the other 6 types to share the last half of the demographic. The caveat of having this authority is that no decision will truly be “clear” or rational in your life. Others will be more prone to categorize you as an emotional person, but you may not feel overly emotional yourself. The main point of advice for this authority is to never rush into making a decision and play hard to get.

Many generators have a sacral authority, and overall, about 35% of the population is ruled by a sacral authority. Only generators and manifesting generators have this authority. These folks get “gut feelings” and do best to wait and respond to something before making a decision. This powerful response mechanism helps you once you can clearly tell if you feel “open” or “closed” to something. These folks do well to live viscerally and only say “yes” to things that light them up and procure an excited feeling, while saying “no” to all else. The advice here is to find people that help you feel safe trusting your intuition, especially if you have been programmed for a while to not trust yourself or your gut instinct.

With only about 11% of the population falling under this authority, it is rare to find a splenic authority person. They can only be Manifestors or Projectors as they will not have a defined sacral or solar plexus center in their chart. Faster than the mind itself, our spleen is actually one of our oldest awareness centers and is heavily rooted in our safety. This feeling will strike splenic people like an instantaneous, moment-by-moment decision-making process. As the spleen houses fear, overall health, and our intuition and truly requires folks with this authority to get out of their minds in order to take full advantage of their inner power.

This group only makes up about 1% of the population and is broken into two subtypes: Ego Manifested and Ego Projected. Ego Manifested authority types do best when they follow their heart’s desires and in their chart you will see that their heart and throat centers are connected. In order to have this authority, your strategy type will be Manifestor. However, Ego Projected authorities will be Projector strategy types, meaning that they have their heart center and G center connected in their charts. Either way, the heart is in the equation and they do best by listening to what flows naturally out of them without questioning it. Allow yourself to be unfiltered and follow your undying willpower toward the life and decisions that you desire to make.

G-Center (or Self-Projected) people need to ask questions in order to get the right answers. Unlike the first four authorities, the G-Center authority is external in comparison to the others being more internal in their decision-making process. Making up only 2-3% of the population, this rare demographic of people, like Ego authorities, do best to live an unfiltered life, but Self-Projected or G Center authorities are typically non-energetic and get their insight from listening, resting, and being able to make enough space to hear their inner voice. 

With this authority, there is no definition below the throat, making most of your centers open for influence. It’s important for Environ(mental) authorities to find places and communities of people that feel “right”. If the environment is off, the way that you will move through the world will be off. Essentially, the environment that you are in will either promote a clear and healthy mind, or take you too far into a dark abyss to be able to think straight. You reach your conclusions by bouncing ideas off of the outside world, so make sure that you have the right people around you when you are brainstorming. Allow yourself to continue questioning everything until something sticks!

Just 1.5% of the population has a Lunar Cycle authority and they are a type of Reflector. They do well to align themselves with the lunar cycles and honor their special connection with the moon. A moon cycle is about 28.5 days in length, and Lunar Cycle authorities do best when they wait and observe a whole lunar period before making any big decisions. 

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Once you understand both the strategy and the authority of your chart, you can better respond, react and observe the life that you are living. There is so much to be learned about one’s self, and Human Design is an intricate, detailed and straightforward way to get to an aligned life. Still confused about your chart and all of it’s intricacies? Book a private session with a certified practitioner, take time to learn about your chart, and let yourself stay curious.

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