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The Importance of Mascara in Achieving a Flawless Makeup Look – 100% PURE

It’s the item in our makeup bag that we use without really ‘batting an eye’ – enter mascara! We just whip out that old wand, take a swipe, and voilà – eye-catching, flirty lashes await! Then you take a step back from the mirror, and whoa – clumpy, stuck-together lashes are awaiting like more of an eye sore.

When lumpy, sad lashes steal the thunder from your overall makeup look, it’s time to get to the ‘root’ of the problem with your mascara and application technique. But with so many different types on the market, choosing the right one for your lashes can be overwhelming – until now!

We’re here to show you the full powers of a natural mascara, which one will work for you, especially with lengthening mascaras, and how to correctly apply mascara to achieve a flawless makeup look! It’s your eyes but better, dramatically changed in the blink of an eye!

What Are the Different Types of Mascara?

Mascara can help us look younger, and more awake, and create the illusion of bigger eyes. Since it also has the power to make or break our fabulous makeup look, it’s very eye-dyllic to learn about the different types of mascara formulas to find which one will work best for you.

#1. Traditional Mascara
For makeup beginners, it’s always best to start with traditional mascara. For normal eyelashes that just need a bit of lengthening and separation, these mascaras work best. The wands of traditional mascaras are also easy to use.

The best part of these kinds of mascaras is they don’t disappoint with their results. If you don’t want any dramatic transformation of the lashes then most of these mascaras will be suitable for you.

#2. Volumizing Mascara
This is probably the most sought-after type of mascara. If you want “spider lashes”, which involve piling on layers of mascara until your lashes gather into little clumps, resembling long spider legs, then volumizing mascara is what you need. A good, heaping coat of volumizing mascara is equal to applying the perfect set of falsies. However, coating with volumizing mascara needs some practice.

This formula is usually thick which means you would have to apply it carefully so that it applies evenly. The formula of volumizing mascara often weighs heavily on the lashes. This is why most people prefer using it only on special occasions.

#3. Lengthening Mascara
After volumizing mascara, the other kind of lash formula type that is extremely popular is lengthening mascara. As the name suggests, the formula of these mascaras mostly focuses on making the eyelashes appear longer. For people who prefer a more natural makeup look, these mascaras work best.

In fact, the eyes appear bigger and brighter after coating the lashes with the lengthening mascara. Unlike, volumizing mascaras, lengthening mascaras are also much easier to apply. The curled-up eyelash look is also easy to get from lengthening mascara as they don’t weigh down the lashes.

#4. Waterproof Mascara
When it comes to eye makeup products, there is often one overlooked detail. That detail is that some people have watery eyes. This especially becomes a big problem while applying mascaras as you need to keep your eyes open for a long time without blinking. Waterproof mascara is a great choice for those

who face this issue or who need to survive a tear-jerker movie on a date night.

The formula of waterproof mascara is made to stick strongly even when the lashes come in contact with water. However, keep in mind that these mascaras are the hardest to take off. You have to remove it gently so that your eyelashes don’t get damaged or torn off in the process.

#5. Curling Mascara
Eyelash curlers are one of those tools that most people won’t use on a daily basis. In addition to being a tricky tool, they can also be risky, especially for those with clumsy hands, not to mention intimidating with an object coming right at your eye. To solve this problem, there are curling mascaras that are specially made from a formula that would hold the eyelash curl for a long time.

More than the formula, the wand shape of these mascaras plays a vital role in curling the tip of your lash. Then the ingredients in the formula help hold the curl. Start with using curling mascaras until you have enough practice to take on the lash curler.


The Benefits of the Different Types of Mascara

For those wondering what it is about mascara that we love so much, it’s got to be the way we can totally transform our eyes and really, our entire look in the blink of an eye. From doll-like and demure to feline and flirty, we’re addicted to all the different eye benefits and looks we can gain with the variety of mascaras out there on the market.

Traditional Mascara

This type of mascara coats your lashes in pigment to darken and lengthen. Traditional mascara often contains pigment and wax, which is painted onto your lashes. Those with sensitive or easily watery or irritated eyes might want to opt for a natural, traditional mascara.

Plastic bristles, which allow for great precision with the bristle separation, are usually found on wands with traditional and conventional mascara. This arrangement is great for clump-free, perfectly defined lashes. This means you tend to get the highest level of lash separation.

The result is nicely and evenly coated lashes with natural yet fluttery, flirty lashes with length and definition.

Volumizing Mascara

This type of mascara makes a little heart flutter at a nice, full set of big voluminous lashes. It immediately makes the eyes pop and remain the center of the makeup look, and it’s impossible not to steal attention when done well.

What’s even more, volumizing mascara creates the illusion of wider eyes, so any smaller peepers out there will bat an eye at this mascara’s magnifying powers. If you want less is more, this type of mascara pairs well with a no-makeup-makeup look.

On the other hand, those who go gaga for a clumpy effect love bold eye looks and a more-is-more approach with layering volumizing mascara because it helps to draw major attention to the eyes. The power is in your palm!

Lengthening Mascara

Of all the benefits we’re looking for in mascara, lengthening seems to be the most coveted – and for good reason. It can totally wake up our tired, up-until-2 am eyes by cheating the shape and size of our eyes; hence why longer lashes via lengthening mascara is such a crowd-pleaser.

Those of us searching for lush, peppy peepers will adore how lengthening mascara creates bigger, brighter eyes with such ease. Plus, this type of mascara looks perfect with light makeup and a daytime look.

While we occasionally like to experiment with our looks, we’re more likely to find the perfect, natural lengthening mascara we like and stick with it.

Waterproof Mascara

When you’re faced with humid air, rain or high temperatures, or tear-jerker situations, these circumstances are enough to make the dreaded mascara ink smudge. For this reason, many people reach for waterproof formulas. In fact, there are people who use only this kind of mascara because of the fear of running, black clown tears!

Waterproof mascara is durable, does not smudge and you can cry, run, swim, or visit the sauna as often as you want, while always being assured that your eyes are in pristine condition. They remain untouched even if you rub your eyes.

With this sort of staying power comes its equal removal power. The most durable formulas require a special preparation that will dissolve even water-resistant formulas and patience with the task of removing this effective yet stubborn formula.

Curling Mascara

Think of curling mascara as a hair mousse for your lashes, holding them up, keeping them pert and bouncy. As you brush on your mascara and push your lashes out and up—curling mascara helps them stay up, and make your eyes seem bigger.

Those with naturally long, flexible lashes will get a bigger curling effect than those with shorter lashes. Use curling mascara in conjunction with a curler and, wow! The effect will be extra-fabulous.

How to Apply, Maintain, and Remove Mascara

We know that mascara can be a tricky product to apply. One minute you’ll be applying it peacefully on the eyelashes, and the next there will be smudges or dots on your eyelids or beneath your eyes. This is why we have curated a guide on how to apply the mascara perfectly without making a mess.

Apply a Lash Primer
When applying any makeup product, prepping the area is key. Following this norm, before using mascara, apply an eyelash primer. It will help in keeping the mascara in place and in curling your lashes.

Curl Your Lashes
Now, this step might not be for everyone, especially for those with naturally curly lashes. For anyone else desiring a more defined look, it’s best to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Gently press your lashes with an eyelash curler for 10 seconds, and try not to exceed this time limit.

Apply the Mascara on Upper Lash
First, adjust the content of mascara on your wands. If there is too much product, then it will become difficult to spread evenly and your lashes can end up looking clumpy. With steady hands, gently coat or roll on a layer of mascara on the lashes and wait till it dries. It’s best to not go overboard with the coating and only do it twice.

Apply the Mascara on Lower Lash
If you were to start applying mascara on your lower lashes as soon as you got done with the upper lashes, the result could be disastrous. Wait till the mascara is completely dried on your upper lashes. After that, take a smaller wand and apply mascara on each lower lash individually.

Again, we want the wand horizontal and parallel to the eye, but in the same way that we rolled the wand in the previous step, we’re going to wiggle the wand to comb through any stubborn lashes or mascara clumps from our last step. It’s pretty important to do this quickly while the mascara is still wet from the first coat, as it will result in the best layering.


Best 100% Pure Mascara to Get Your Desired Eyelashes

Natural or Traditional Lashes: For perfect-looking natural lashes try our Maracuja Mascara. It is made from maracuja oil, lash conditioning vitamins, and pigments of tea, cocoa, and coffee. The best thing is that it works well on all eyelashes whether they’re long, small, or uneven.

Lifted and Lengthened Lashes: To achieve long, lush lashes, try our Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara, which features a slender wand for extreme definition and a fan-like flutter perfect for any eye shape. The cocoa butter in this product moisturizes the lashes and provides a silky formula while rice powder gives the formula the perfect thickness allowing for volume without clumping.

Berries including raspberry, blackberry, and black currant, contribute natural fruit dye to the formula as well as provide antioxidants that help to support healthy hair and hair growth in the lash area. The berries also help boost collagen production in the lashes for more lashes, thicker lashes, and longer lashes over time.

Along with the protein and fatty acids found in the seaweed included in this recipe, our Fruit Pigmented Mascara includes vitamin E, oat protein, and coffee, making the natural ingredients in our mascara safe to use for sensitive eyes.

Dramatic ‘Mix It Up” Lashes: Of course, if you need more than one kind of mascara to unlock the look of your dreams, that’s not unusual. “Mascara cocktails” blend the power of multiple lash formulas – say lengthening and curling – into one delicious result. Combine a lengthening lash-enhancer with a thickening formulation, or top a defining mascara with a curling one; for instance, using both our Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara and Maracuja Mascara. A double coat from these mascaras will give you a temporary lash extension that too at the fraction of the cost.

Mascara is a makeup product that you can freely experiment with. They can add an oomph to your eye makeup. So, try various ones and see which one works best for you. If you are up for more, then you can also add the colored mascaras to the mix. The bottom line is mascaras are supposed to glam up your whole look even when you aren’t planning on doing any eye makeup. So, start using its transformative powers today!


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