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Scary Things • Kath Eats

Here are some scary things I’ve been doing! (Plus less scary life things!)

Working On Overdrive

In the spirit of the new year, I’ve been on this productivity high for a few weeks now! Like I can’t stop, won’t stop churning out work and ideas. That Word of the Year is really working hard for me! 

This is all a GREAT feeling though. Nothing is more exciting than working on things you want to work on!! It’s the opposite of boredom, and the most bored I’ve ever felt was when I was working for someone else in an office from 8:30 to 5:30 with no sunlight or fresh air. 

I’ve been creating content and graphics for my course, leading workshops, making lots of videos. 

Here are some of my life updates! 

My New Program: BLOOM!

I am SO pumped to be launching my new wellness program BLOOM! The cart will open for purchase in just a few more weeks, and the program doors will open on March 1. It will be a six-week paced course with both a self study and a live community component. You can buy one or buy both. 

Bloom is a wellness program for women that focuses on building sustainable healthy habits. Each week a new focus is unlocked.

Inside the program we address:

  • Why your health should be a top priority – and why it often falls down your priority list 
  • Why diets don’t work
  • How to be a better intuitive eater
  • How food affects mood
  • Emotional eating
  • How to cultivate calm and prioritize rest
  • Contradictions in nutrition
  • Why the quality of food matters
  • Building meals that are nourishing and balanced
  • What are “macros” and how to use them (without counting)
  • How to combine foods to create satisfying meals
  • Finding time to exercise that works with your schedule
  • How to listen to your body
  • & more!

Look for a blog post announcing the doors opening in a few more weeks. 

Art by Barbara K Younger!

Survivor Audition Video

In 2015 I submitted a Survivor audition video and never heard back. I decided now that Birch is 4 it was time to apply again! I made a video and poured my personality into it. I haven’t gotten a call back, so this might not be my heart, but my heart was RACING uploading the video and pushing submit! You never know if they will call, and if they do – you HAVE to go!

Here is the only peek you’ll get of it for now 😉 Me with Colby Donaldson (from Season 2) when I was 18!!

Public Speaking with Digital Clutter

I led a Digital Clutter Workshop for a friend of mine and she had live audience of 250 attendees! AHHH! You might think I’m a very confident public speaker because of the nature of my life online, however, I get nervous like the best of them. The best thing for me to do to calm my nerves is to practice, so practice I did. The workshop did very well! (You can watch the KERF version of it here). 

Thomas did something scary: He took the boys to a water park alone!

They went to Massanutten Indoor Water Park while I was out of town! I can’t say that Thomas had much fun, but the boys did!!! 

Meanwhile, I was in Winston-Salem!

I went to visit my friend Teri for shenanigans and a Beautycounter team event. Teri just moved into a newly renovated house, so I was taking all the notes on her gorgeous kitchen! Loved the water bottle holders and vertical storage. And her barstools

I also loved trying out the beauty products in the guest room. Colleen Rothschild makes some solid products! I LOVED her monoi line

I also played “influencer” in her mirrors with my Lake PJs and casual outfit – haha!

The only pic we got together – the group shot at brunch!

A VERY Scary Adventure: The Tile Shop!

I am pretty quick to know what I like when it comes to paint or décor, but tile?! OMG. There were so many options. 

Inspiration Photo

Using some inspiration photos from Pinterest, we settled on the following: 

  • Shower tiles (vertical)
  • Shower niche (the marble)
  • Floor tiles (the big one)
  • Shower floor (the smaller ones)

Don’t make me second guess it!!

Family Fun Night!

Scary: blustery cold weather on the walk there and back. Not scary: an ice cream shop to ourselves!

We walked downtown in 30 degrees for burgers and ice cream. ‘Twas a lot of fun! 

The older the get, the more they get along. I hope that does not change. 

New Car Seat

Our secondary car seat is expiring, so we had to get a new one. I had hoped we could just jump to a booster with seat belt, but I read all the rules and Birch is still too small. So one more car seat we did buy! We got the Britax Grow with You ClickTight (on sale at Amazon) and I’ve been really impressed. It’s just as easy to use as our Nuna Rava

A Short Story

I got another box from A Short Story and kept EVERYTHING! (I’m supposed to be on a no-spend year, but the box came because I forgot to cancel my subscription and so I just had to keep it all.) Wearing jumpsuits is a little scary for me, but these are both SO comfortable! Loving the black denim jacket too. I have wanted a denim jacket for YEARS! Here’s my referral link for $25 off

Some Food For Ya

We’re off to Disney!

Should we be scared?!


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