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Native Sour Berry Belts Body Wash Review

Native Sour Berry Belts Body Wash is one of several candy-inspired scents that launched with the Native Candy Shop Collection which is available for a limited time this Spring 2023.

I’m a sucker for candy or foody-inspired bath goodies. I was an avid collector of Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower Gels for ages and of course, who doesn’t remember the incredible Bath and Body Works Temptations Collection? Could you bring it back, Bath and Body Works? I’ve been pretty good lately about not hoarding away every single shower gel I meet (I even have a handle on my candle addiction!).

Sadly, a lot of that went out the window after Native started releasing all these cool seasonal collections. Native’s Fall 2022 Collection hit me hard but when I saw their Spring 2023 releases I got hit even harder and immediately wanted them all.

Native Sour Berry Belts is a scent inspired by that yummy sweet yet tart sour power candy we all know and love! It’s available in a body wash and deodorant. Sadly, the only scent in this collection available in shampoo and conditioner is the gummy bear one but I would NOT mind a Sour Berry Belts one as well! Just throwing it out there for next year, Native!

This doesn’t quite capture the tartness of the candy but it does have a sweet, berry candy-like fragrance that’s very pleasant. It had a berry candy element just not that tart, sourness you might associate with the real candy. It’s sweet but not so sweet it’ll give you a headache and is an “in-shower experience” which means you won’t be smelling like candy all day as it washes away and doesn’t have a lingering scent.

All in all, this is a cute addition to my shower gel collection! I liked it a lot. It also arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day making it a fun gift for your Galentines!

Native Sour Berry Belts Body Wash is available now!

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