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How Long Does It Take for Business Cards To Be Produced?

Producing professional business cards requires high-quality designs, materials, and printing services. You can design and order business cards online through business card ordering solutions. These platforms tie all aspects together using a sleek management dashboard. You can register for a free account, create or edit card designs, choose material and finishing selections, and order finished cards.

7 Things That Influence Business Card Production

The time needed to produce business cards depends on various factors, including the design, material choice, printing services, and order volume. Some orders are delivered within a week. Others may take up to a month, depending on your needs. Leading business card solutions may take the least time to process your order and offer user-friendly design tools. Below are seven things that may influence how long your business cards will take to produce:

1. Card Design

You can produce business cards from scratch. Creating a business card requires design tools that allow you to use logos, artwork, text, editable fields, QR codes, and other features. You can design everything from a blank slate, use an online template, or upload your existing card to make changes. Some business cards have a simple design that takes a few hours or days to complete. Others have more features and design elements that take longer to incorporate.

2. Design Platform

The design platform you use will affect how long it takes to complete your business card design. Many platforms let you create and order your business card online, but each dashboard has unique features. Leading companies provide user-friendly design features that make creating, designing, and uploading business cards easy. Look for simple drag-and-drop features, font and style variety, and ease of accessibility. Efficient platforms may help reduce the design duration.

3. Designer Expertise

If you’re designing business cards for the first time, you may need more time to complete your project. Card ordering solutions provide templates and other design tools to help expedite the creativity phase. Some platforms can convert your uploaded PDFs to editable templates for quick design. You should have basic knowledge of business card design or hire an experienced designer to save more time.

4. Material Choice

Business card ordering solutions support various styles, materials, and finishing. Businesses are free to choose their preferred materials and finishes. Some materials require more time to fabricate and print because only a few businesses own the necessary printing equipment. Others are readily available and supported by nearly all card printers. You may also need different cards for executives and regular employees. Producing cards in batches may take more time.

5. Printing Services

The printing services can be the difference between fast and slow business card production. You need a reputable company that produces professional business cards for different businesses. Some companies have many orders and peak seasons, so your batch may take longer to be delivered. Others have slow or fast equipment and personnel with varying experiences. You should choose a reliable team with a history of fast order delivery.

6. Order Volume

Business cards are shared with different groups of people, including managers, employees, partners, and prospective customers. Leading business card ordering solutions can produce cards for all company sizes. You can order hundreds or thousands of business cards. A large volume order will take more time to print and inspect. Reputable companies maintain efficient printing equipment to deliver your cards within the shortest time possible.

7. Planning & Organization

Before designing a new business card, outline everything you want to convey. Planning can eliminate delays and streamline production. Without a plan, you may get to the production phase only to realize you need changes. A good plan helps you inspect the design and materials early to help you avoid mistakes and inconveniences. Make sure you proofread and examine all aspects of the card design before placing a production order.

Creating Business Cards Online

The easiest way to create business cards is through online card-ordering solutions. Leading platforms allow you to create a new business card using editable templates. You can also create a card from scratch using geometric shapes, characters, artwork, and text. The best solutions also let you upload an existing business card and convert it to editable formats.

When creating business cards online, stick to reputable card-ordering solutions with happy references. The best business card production platforms offer a unified solution combining design, material selection, production, and shipping. Choose to start your business card ordering process today.


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