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Here’s Why Modern Men Love Sling Bags

The sling bag. You know it, you’ve seen it. It’s the trendy men’s crossbody bag that’s gracing all the streetwear collections on all the runways from all the major designers. Designed to be carried across the body, and let you head around town, bike to work, or walk to fashion week, this bag is a versatile choice for men. 


But why are sling bags having this fashion moment? Why are they being seen up and down the runways of brands like Louis Vuitton in Australia? The answer is simple, men’s bags are booming as gender-fluid fashion movements take over, and the sling bag is no exception for those looking for a more relaxed look. 


Before you take the plunge and splurge on a designer sling bag, this is why they’re all the rage: 


Just The Right Size

Men often struggle to find the right bag for themselves due to the bag’s size. Men overall, know that bags are now a fashion-forward choice, but the issue is that they are normally either small enough for your wallet and your keys, a backpack big enough to carry everything or a tote bag where you end up losing your keys. 


Finding the right-sized bag for your needs is the key to buying a good bag. If you want space and something durable, you know a backpack is a great option. If you want to safely get your shopping home, grab a tote bag. But when do you reach for a sling bag?


The answer is: when you need a bag that has pockets and fits like a glove, a sling bag is perfect. You can wear it on the front or the back of your body, and fill it with your wallet, keys and phone easily, reducing the bulk in your pockets, especially if you don’t want things falling out of your pockets. The bonus is that it’s not bulky or heavy. This is the issue with messenger bags and tote bags. Men’s sling bags are so comfortable that you won’t even notice you’re carrying them around.


They Are Trending Long Term


 Over the past few years, sling bags have increased in popularity. They emerged on runways some time ago, so you know it’s not a one-trend cycle thing. These bags are likely to stick around. But why are these bags trending? It’s likely because it allows men to carry less while looking good, being comfortable and being fashion-forward. It ticks so many boxes, it was almost immediately picked up by celebrities, but not just any celebrities. Singers, rappers and young male influencers made this bag a men’s staple over the last few years. 


The reason many are investing in the sling bag as a design choice is that it elevates basic, casual outfits. No matter how simple your outfit is, the sling bag is just the fashionable icing on the cake. 


Perfect Everyday Bag

A lot of bags have a specific use, we all know when to use a briefcase, when to use a backpack, and when to wear a bum bag. However, a sling bag serves more than one purpose. You can wear it day to day, and day to night. You can wear it to your casual meetings, you can wear it as you run for the train, ride a bike or walk down to the pub. The options are endless. 


The best advantage of this bag is that it is a designer bag you will actually wear proudly for years to come. Due to its everyday usefulness, it’s absolutely a bag you will reach for time and time again. 


If you want to experiment with the styles, you can opt for something that’s more colour blocked, with bright tones to liven up an outfit. Or you can go for something monogrammed for a more subtle look. Then, there are graphic design options and sleek neutrals to play with too. All you have to do is start shopping around.


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