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Has Stress or Anxiety Hindered Your Appetite? Here’s What to Do

1. Make time!

Target your timing so that you are eating whole foods every 2-3 hours. Small frequent meals are one easy way to get nutrients in without overwhelming your body when you can’t even feel hungry.  

2. Marry carbs with protein

Choose whole foods often and combine carbohydrates such as grain, starches, fruits and vegetables with a protein source (dairy, eggs, meat, tofu, nuts, seeds, etc). The synergy of these nutrients support glucose control, help regulate satiety to avoid cravings and increase variety in overall diet.  

3. Drink plenty of water and warm herbal teas.

Being hydrated can help manage appetite. Warm teas can support appetite stimulation and help create a mindful moment to keep stress at bay. Ginger and turmeric root teas can warm the body, fight inflammation (a response to stress) and activate appetite. (Of course, check the safety of using herbal teas if pregnant, breastfeeding or for medication interactions).  

4. Declutter your mental and physical environment.

Order and cleanliness can help support mindful moments that will help mindful eating decisions. For example- cleaning up your fridge and pantry, making a weekly meal plan and having an ongoing grocery list. Decluttering your headspace can help you acknowledge the value of waking up half an hour earlier to eat a hearty breakfast without rush, instead of skipping the meal all together. Small but meaningful things can lessen the stress to help you eat calmer, slower and more present to your body.  


Where and when possible, tap into your networks to eat with them. This will inspire you to cook a delicious meal not just for yourself, or share the load with a potluck, or just enjoy a totally different delicious homemade meal you would have never thought to make. If you are a one-person household, this is key! Go out and enjoy new culinary experiences or set up a rotating weekly homemade meal with a group of friends. If you are a tired parent, ask your extended family or friends to come together and enjoy shared meals. Many grandparents will not mind sending a homemade meal per week to a tired overrun mom! ASK and RECEIVE! 

6. Do a self-assessment of HOW you eat.

This can help highlight why there is stress when actually eating or how to change your mindset from hectic meals to peaceful ones. Read on.  


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