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Giving Your Kitchen Some Much Needed Style

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A kitchen is where we find ourselves rushing around cooking dinners, preparing the kid’s lunches, putting away our shopping and doing various washing-up chores. It stands to reason that this room needs a durable, sustainable solution for a floor – one that doesn’t require numerous hours of the day to keep clean.

The best option is luxury vinyl flooring for durability and style. Let’s see why.

Quick Cleaning

Food is possibly the messiest item the kitchen faces and whether it be sauce, drinks, cooking oils or various ingredients for dinner, there is always spillage or the dropping of food on the floor.

Stains are commonplace after multiple clean-up attempts. The difference with vinyl is that it offers easier cleaning with the extra satisfaction of stain-resistant design. All it takes is a quick sponge with warm soapy water, possibly mixed with vinegar.

It also nicely provides cushioned padding in its manufacture, with plates shown to land with a bounce instead of breaking in most cases. That is certainly a change from having to buy new sets.

Easy Installation

If you go with LVT or planks, the uninstallation and reinstallation of vinyl flooring are relatively easy compared to any hardwood or stone. We all dread having to pull up large sections of the floor should an individual piece become damaged, so it is a great relief that these can be fixed one piece at a time.

You also don’t need a professional fitter to install the flooring or even an occasional replacement. It is simple to undertake yourself and save a fair chunk of change on hiring a pro.


A great little benefit to Invictus flooring is that you can be as creative as you want with no one able to tell any difference.

If you are fond of light or dark wood, then there is no end to shades, styles and palettes available. If you like the feel of stepping on stone or marble, there is plenty of intricate designs.


The kitchen provides space for being creative, from food to decor to planning everything for family living – it all stems from one room.

For a room in your house that provides a lot of care for the family, a kitchen floor requires a secure and sustainable solution without constant attention, expensive chemical cleaning solutions or repetitive repair every few months.

Luxury vinyl flooring, such as oak herringbone flooring, is an option that frees you up to dedicate your time to your family and other things that need your attention whilst keeping a sense of style that lasts for a lifetime.

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