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Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipsticks

Release Date + About the Launch

This long lasting lipstick saturates lips with statement-making, wearable color designed to flatter all skintones. High-performance lipstick stays color true and wears for 10 impactful hours while resisting bleeding, feathering and creasing.

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Products in the Launch

Pure Color Creme Lipstick, $36.00 (New, Permanent)

Creme Finish: Dimensional color glides on effortlessly to a smooth, satin finish. Full coverage lipstick with plumping, nourishing and conditioning benefits.

  • Show Stopper Nude family
  • Modern Muse Nude family
  • Disguise Nude family
  • Untamable Nude family
  • Make You Blush Nude family
  • Covetable Nude family
  • Rebellious Rose Pink family
  • Unleashed Pink family
  • Eccentric Pink family
  • Powerful Pink family
  • Dynamic Pink family
  • Pretty Vain Pink family
  • Bois de Rose Pink family
  • Guilty Pleasure Pink family
  • Impassioned Coral family
  • Defiant Coral Coral family
  • Confident Coral family
  • Fierce Coral family
  • Persuasive Coral family
  • Carnal Red family
  • Uncontrollable Red family
  • Noir Red family

Pure Color Matte Lipstick, $36.00 (New, Permanent)

  • Influential Nude family
  • Love Bite Nude family
  • Suit Up Nude family
  • In Control Nude family
  • Expose Nude family
  • Secret Scandal Nude family
  • Knowing Nude family
  • No Concessions Nude family
  • Change the World Nude family
  • Sultry Nude family
  • Rebellious Rose Pink family
  • Object of Desire Pink family
  • Risk It All Pink family
  • Power Kiss Pink family
  • Persuasive Coral family
  • Next Romance Coral family
  • Flirtatious Coral family
  • Visionary Coral family
  • Captivated Coral family
  • Rule Breaker Coral family
  • Rule Maker Coral family
  • Fragile Ego Coral family
  • Lure You In Coral family
  • Fiercely Coral family
  • Speak Up Coral family
  • Independent Coral family
  • Deny All Red family
  • Demand Red family
  • Thrill Me Red family
  • Red Ego Red family
  • Fearless Red family
  • Lead You On Red family
  • Dark Desire Red family

Pure Color Hi-Lustre Lipstick, $36.00 (New, Permanent)

Shimmering color creates dimensional, glistening shine. Medium coverage lipstick with instant plumping, conditioning benefits.

  • Tiger Eye Nude family
  • Pink Parfait Pink family
  • Starlit Pink Pink family
  • Candy Pink family
  • Rebellious Rose Pink family
  • Frosted Apricot Coral family
  • Angel Lips Coral family
  • Persuasive Coral family
  • Slow Burn Coral family
  • Hot Kiss Mauve family

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