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Embrace the Elegance of the Emerald Cut

Reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, when fashionistas flaunted the flapper dress with a mega-emerald diamond on their long slim fingers, this scintillating diamond cut is just as glam-gorgeous in the Twenty Twenties. 

Do you want the sophistication of timeless elegance, paired with classic style and a luxurious ambiance? An emerald shaped engagement ring will send shivers down your spine. 


Join the celebs who love this shape. How about Beyonce, JLo, Maria Sharapova, and the magnificently chic Grace Kelly who wore a sensational 10.48-carat emerald cut diamond ring, given to her as a gift by Prince Rainier? (We love dropping names).


But, this is about you and your special day, so read on to find out more about our Emerald Shaped Engagement Rings Bestsellers and how they will complement your unique personality. 

Let’s Get Technical 


While the word emerald may conjure up images of a green stone, an emerald cut diamond is not that. It refers to the distinct shape that is cut from the most blemish-free section of the rough stone. The precision of a master craftsman creates a rectangular shape, with chiseled step cuts running in parallel lines down the stone. 


Emerald cut diamonds usually have 57 facets. 25 are cut on the crown, the upper section of the stone. The crown is topped off by the table, the flat surface where the light enters the diamond and the magic of reflected lights begins. A further 32 facets are cut into the pavilion, or the lower part of the stone under the girdle. To add stability, the corners are usually cropped. 


Let’s Rather be Non-Technical 


This diamond does not sparkle and shimmer like a round cut or pear cut. Instead, the long clean lines and facets offer a flash of brilliance with every movement. This is understated elegance that is not in-your-face, but at the same time cannot be missed. An emerald cut is bold and distinctive, offering a hall-of-mirrors effect that enhances the diamond’s clarity and color. In a few words, it is graceful, gracious, tasteful, charming, and ultra-refined. 


The symbolism of the Number 4


Being a rectangle, one is immediately drawn to the symbolism of the number 4. Think – The 4 seasons, the 4 phases of the moon, the 4 cardinal points of a compass, the 4 elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. 


It is all about stability, balance, structure, and completeness. The emerald cut defines a prestigious symbol of Love with powerful elements to carry you and your partner into a long-lasting relationship filled with joy. 


Why Do Brides-To-Be Love This Shape? 


If you are drawn to timeless elegance and want to step away from the blingy-scintillating rock-on-a-finger, you are an emerald cut girl. 


There are so many reasons to love this shape – 


This cut has a bold distinctive look with long, clean lines and understated beauty.  


It exudes glamor and vintage charm reminiscent of days gone by but is oh-so-relevant for a modern bride.


The cut showcases the natural beauty of the stone with madly detailed faceted sides and a stunning flat table with mesmerizing depth that absorbs the light. 


The color and clarity of the stone are perfectly highlighted by this cut. 


Stones that are emerald-cut have fewer inclusions and blemishes. The rough diamond is carefully studied to find the perfect position for the cut. This beauty cannot hide behind sparkle. Clarity is not negotiable. 


The longer, rectangular shape means that your diamond looks larger carat for carat. 


This versatile cut can be anything you desire. Love vintage? Go for a vintage setting that will make Grandma smile. Love modern? This cut looks just as exquisite. Do you! 


Rectangular shapes offer more finger coverage while slimming and  elongating your hand. 


Emerald cut diamonds account for only 3% of the world’s diamonds. That makes them rare and (yes) expensive. This is an investment that will become a family heirloom and a treasured part of your love story. 


It is All About the Setting

The most magnificent stone is nothing without a setting. Like Yin and Yang, they are opposite yet connecting forces that cannot be apart. 


Need some help with choosing an engagement ring? Here are some divine emerald shaped engagement rings bestsellers from Keyzar. 


The Twig 


Inspired by nature, this flagship piece adds branches to your family tree. Think – a couple, a family, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It is your legacy in delicate soft accents with smaller stones that perfectly frame the emerald cut in the center. 


The Pave Petal Kamellie


Are you loving the emerald but something is whispering – I want sparkle? The Pave Petal Kamellie answers your wishes. This delicate, elegant band sparkles in a combination of gold and diamonds. The style setting is slim and refined, drawing the eye to the center attraction – the emerald cut stone. Pair it with matching a Helen wedding band to complete the story. 


The Hidden Halo Penelope


The halo is a very popular setting for emerald shaped diamonds, creating an inspired look with stunning diamond accents. Six round-cut diamonds frame the claw-set center stone that no one can miss. The hidden halo sets the emerald afloat, showing off its multitude of facets in 360 degree splendor. 


Are you bursting with enthusiasm to find your perfect ring? We are here to help! Take a look at the full collection to find your showstopper.


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