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E.L.F. O FACE Satin Lipstick Review & Swatches

E.L.F O Face Satin Lipstick ($9/0.13 oz) is a new satin finish lipstick containing marula oil, squalane and jojoba esters in ten shade selections. It took me a minute to figure out what they were trying dupe with this because let’s be honest, there’s always something E.L.F. is trying to replicate on a more inexpensive scale. It finally came to me O Face Stain Lipstick is a nod to NARS Audacious Lipsticks. I gotta admit though the name is just really bad. What does it even mean? Orgasm Face? That’s the only thing that came to mind! Sorry, my brain just went there.

This is actually the latest in a long line of products that Tiktok is going to make you buy. The hype around it is already starting and it’s fascinating to watch. The lipstick is decent but it’s in no way as good as people are shilling it out to be. “OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS IS LIKE BEST SATIN LIPSTICK THAT HAS EVER TOUCHED MY LIPS!” No, sadly, it isn’t but Tiktokers will have you believe that in no time at all.

And let’s discuss that $9 price tag. Remember when E.L.F. Lipsticks were a buck? That being said, they did warn us prices would be going up this year which I still do appreciate. And also, I don’t mind paying more for a product that’s formulated well but I gotta admit this isn’t a formula I’d willingly pay nine dollars for. There are a lot of really great drugstore lipsticks out there and this just isn’t one I’d rave about.

Keep in mind this is my experience, this is my personal testing with the item. You may love it. As for me, I just feel it’s already overhyped, and actually trying it leads to disappointment after hearing the loud ravings about it.

Let’s talk packaging before we dive into the formula. The packaging is great. Very NARS-like! It feels a bit more weighty compared to past E.L.F. lipsticks and has a nice magnetic cap that slips on easily. It has a light rubbery finish which is actually a lot like NARS’ older packaging and also, happens to collect powder, makeup, and fingerprints easily. Thankfully, it doesn’t get all gross and sticky the way NARS packaging used to but it still collects a bit of dirt and makeup.

As per marketing, it contains a “nourishing formula” with marula oil, squalane, and jojoba esters. I’d call it a lightly hydrating formula that wears very, very comfortably. It feels lightweight on my lips with a very light balminess to it. The application is smooth and easy. It glides on beautifully and the color is amazing! I only purchased one shade and swatched the others in store and all of them are very, very pigmented. You won’t let for full color with any of these shades! The pigment is perfect. It has no flavor nor fragrance but it does have an odd rubber-y flavor that wasn’t very pleasant.

I think they got a lot right with the formula and packaging but the finish is something I wasn’t feeling. I wouldn’t call this a true satin finish. It’s a bit too moist for that. And that’s ok because I love good hydrating lipsticks! It’s just thought the finish wasn’t terribly flattering on me since it did seem to settle into my natural lip lines giving it an uneven and less-than-smooth appearance. I am prone to dry lips but even after exfoliating and lip balm I still couldn’t get this to look right on my lips. It wore for a solid four hours but the color does break down a little and settles further into my lip lines giving it an even drier appearance.

E.L.F. O FACE Satin Lipstick Swatches in Vocal (terracotta rose)

E.L.F. O FACE Satin Lipstick has a lot going for it. I think the formula is quite nice and it packs in plenty of pigment. I just wasn’t here for the less-than-smooth finish on my lips. You might not feel the same way but personally, I felt the color fell into my natural lip lines and gave them a dry look. I do think at nine bucks you can probably score a better satin lipstick at the drugstore. This one didn’t quite live up to the hype!

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E.L.F O Face Satin Lipstick is a new $9 lipstick that’s 0.13 oz in size and available in ten shade selections. It comes housed in a weighty black square barrel that has a light rubberized finish which is prone to collecting fingermarks and makeup. This is a fragrance-free and flavor-free formula but I did feel it had an odd rubbery taste. The application was smooth and flawless with plenty of pigmentation. My main issue was the fact the color falls into my natural lip line giving the lipstick a dry appearance. It’ll wear for about four hours for me and didn’t migrate but it does sink further into my lip lines giving it an even weirder, drier almost pilled-up look.


  • Pigmented.
  • Very smooth application.


  • Color settles into natural lip lines giving it a drier appearance.
  • Packaging collects dirt and makeup (has a light rubber coating making it a magnetic for powder).
  • Odd taste.


E.L.F. O FACE Satin Lipstick might be an ideal pick if you have a super smooth lip line but most of us don’t!


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