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Dior is Sold at Ulta And One Wonders How You Feel About That?

Dior is not sold online at and Ulta stores, and I’m wondering how you feel about that. This is one of the most interesting developments in the makeup and beauty world I’ve seen for a while. As you know both Sephora and Dior share LVMH as a parent company. I never expected to see an LVMH product at Ulta due to Sephora seemingly having the rights to LVMH brands but here we are and Dior makeup is now sold at Ulta.

I swear my brain exploded when this news hit the Internet several days ago. I really shouldn’t be surprised because the line between luxury and mid-range has been hazy as of late. I think luxury has finally come to terms with the fact they have to be a lot less exclusive and a lot more inclusive to gain a new following. A following they may lost due to inflation, the beauty bubble breaking, and the lack of interest in beauty as of late.

Dior joins some brands like Tom Ford Fragrances, NARS, MAC Cosmetics, Hourglass Cosmetics, and many others who made the move to Ulta over the past few years. Ulta’s cash reward points system continues to be a major draw for makeup lovers and trumps Sephora’s program that failed to take off and lacks the generous rewards that Ulta offers.

How do you feel about Dior joining Ulta? It’s a weird placement for a luxury brand that much is true. It’ll be equally strange seeing it filled the shelves next to drugstore makeup but luxury makeup hasn’t been what it once was for a very, very long time now. It’s long since looked its shine and glamour when the formulas took such a dramatic nose dive. What’s sad is the prices continue to rise but the formula keeps declining.

You can shop Dior now at Ulta stores and!

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