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Are natural preservatives the next “big thing” in cosmetics?

In March 2022, market research firm Statista reported that “the global market value for natural cosmetics and personal care expected a positive increase from almost 35 billion dollars in 2021 to roughly 59 billion dollars expected for the year 2031​.” Strong growth rates have been consistent in the natural beauty space in recent years, and consumer demand for natural cosmetic and personal beauty care products has similarly remained steady.

Cosmetics companies have responded by offering consumers transparency and variety in their clean beauty offerings – some organizations, like LUSH Cosmetics, have made transparency in ingredient sourcing a cornerstone of their brand, for instance. Others, like U.S. company True Botanicals, have committed to offering a wide range of skin care products produced through the company’s life cycle of sustainability.

Still, other companies are investing efforts into reformulating current product options or developing innovative new cosmetic and personal beauty care products that incorporate natural ingredients. As more natural active ingredients make their way into cosmetic product formulations, natural preservatives have also entered the clean beauty product conversation.

CosmeticsDesign recently spoke with Yashi Shrestha, Director of Science & Research at Novi, a product development company that works with significant cosmetics industry organizations and associations, to learn more about natural preservatives and their place in the thriving clean beauty trend.


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