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5 Tips on How to Keep Your Hair in Top-Notch Shape as the Weather Cools Down – Camera Ready Cosmetics

As nice as it is to take a steamy shower after a long chilly day, while it may FEEL nice – it is quite damaging! Hot water strips away your hair’s (and skin’s) natural oils, which in turn dries up the shaft of your hair. We know, it’s a bummer but your hair will thank you! We recommend washing your hair in warm or lukewarm water and if you’re feeling bold – switch to cold water at the very end to help seal the hair follicles and lock in moisture!

If this tip sounds familiar, it’s because our in-house skincare expert suggests the same thing for cooler-weather skincare!

PRO Tip: Using a more emollient lotion with occlusive ingredients (like petrolatum, squalene, jojoba oil, or olive oil) on the hands and body along with a facial oil can also help seal in moisture and slow moisture loss during the drier seasons.


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