Saturday, January 28, 2023
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17 Beautiful Things – Makeup and Beauty Blog

Note to self!

1. All the good things the universe is sending to us.

2. Seeing the first cherry blossoms blooming all around town.

3. The milky foam on top of my Nespresso drink.


4. Hearing the song “Deja Vu” by Olivia Rodrigo.

I heard it for the first time in months while I was in the car yesterday, and I blasted it with the windows rolled down!

5. Five-minute makeup.

Side note, it’s all I’ve been doing lately, and it makes a world of difference in my mood!

6. Socks that don’t slip down in your shoes while you’re traipsing about and living your best life.

Rosie living her best life.

7. When Connor and I are driving and she says out of nowhere, “Love you, mama.”

8. Getting a hug from Connor’s bestie when she comes over to play.

9. Painted nails!


10. Seeing all the birds hanging out in the full, lush ponds in our town.

The other day I was driving back from HomeGoods (why do I keep going back there when everything smells so chemical and all the furniture wobbles?), and I saw a beautiful egret by the side of the road.

11. Getting a hello and a good morning wave back from the gardeners and construction workers in our neighborhood.

12. All the nice pediatricians at the San Rafael Park Kaiser.

Connor woke up at the witching hour last night in tears with an earache, so I brought her in for an appointment early this morning. Every single time we’ve gone there, all the doctors have been sweet, patient and so, so kind.

13. On that note, having decent health care when my child is sick is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I am so grateful for having access to it.

14. Gouda cheese.

My favorite lately.

15. Silly memes with cats that make me laugh so hard!

16. Random chats with other moms…

Especially the chats about things like oily scalps, drop offs and husbands buying WACK SH*T at the grocery store.

Side note, someone please explain why when El Hub goes to the grocery, he always buys the smallest four-pack of toilet paper or the toy-sized mayonnaise bottle when he knows damn well that we’re going to need to replace it anyway?

It drives me crazy!

toilet paper target shelter in place
Me when I need to refresh the toilet paper stash.

17. Hearing Rosie talk to us first thing in the morning.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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